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When you hear the word "WEDDING" What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you also imagine your own wedding? How it would be like? Do you want your wedding to be beautiful? Romantic? Unique? Elegant? Very You? You might think of all these adjectives for your wedding but one thing is for sure, You have planned that your wedding would be GEMBSO. It has to be Great. Exceptional. Memorable.  Brilliant. Superb. and Outstanding. Needless to say Extra Special! Gembso Events and Beyond Planning and Coordination services can help you achieve what you want for your wedding in the most personalized way possible!

Everything has to be planned well and must be looked into even the tiniest details of your ceremony and reception, and all the pre and post events and you should be in total control of it all. At first you might think that there are tons of work to do and may seem like there are at least a thousand tiny details to be attended to but the good news is those are your details to handle. The entire wedding is yours to dream up and make possible. And what you might not be aware of is you are getting married on the best era ever for soon-to-weds.

Nowadays you can have whatever you want. From Beach wedding, to garden, from big churches to chapels on hills. Gone are the old rules on what is proper and "acceptable" for the formal wedding. Gone are the societal eyebrow raises over theme weddings and brides who dare to wear anything other than the traditional white gown. Gone are the days when your parents paid for the entire wedding and have all the decisions or final say. What will people think?...Gone! We can't do that because...,That is gone too. You have so much freedom to make your wedding happen, to completely personalized your day, to have the old and new, to mix your in your heritage and other traditions and religious beliefs, and to wear a gown that is not white and ride off a red sports car than traditional white car.

The planning starts right now! Enjoy every single detail and discover the fun of having your wedding done the GEMBSO way by professional wedding planner and coordinators as your partner.

They say, GEMBSO is...

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